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Monday, June 29, 2015

Mommy Monday: displaying children's artwork

I've seen tons of cute ideas for displaying children's artwork at home. My favorite ideas are ones that are easily changed out and hold lots of pictures at once. I actually went to the store to recreate an elaborate display system involving various empty spray-painted picture frames and clothespins, but saw these near the checkout line and quickly abandoned my cart for them!

They're just giant clothespins, and I stuck them on the wall with some command strips. I love them because they are colorful and cute, but extremely functional. If the girls have a new picture they want to display, I add it to one of the clips. Every few months I go through and weed out the not-so-significant ones and keep the others in the pins. Eventually I will probably need to find a storage system for the really old keepsakes... But for now it's fun to flip through every now and then!

I got the clothespins at Michael's last year, and I think they were $1-2 each. I couldn't find them online anywhere but I did find these, which look similar (although you'd have to paint them yourself to get different colors). I know I have seen other large clothespins floating around though, so if you see some you may want to snatch up a few...

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  1. Very cute! I found you via the Bloggers Brags link party & I pinned your clever idea :)

  2. Out of all the ideas I've seen about childrens artwork display, I think yours is the most doable! I'm doing it! Thank you for sharing it at bloggers brags Pinterest party. Pinned!

  3. I love this idea! My daughters have lofted beds over their desks, so I picked up these cute octopus-shaped clothespeg-laden drying racks ( that the girlies use to display whatever strikes their fancy.

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

    1. That's a great idea! Then you can spin them around to look at the different artwork, like a mobile! :)

    2. Precisely! I was actually thinking that those racks would make for a great base for a DIY mobile. M&J have actually expanded their racks beyond just art display. They use them to store their gym IDs, photos of friends, and, in M's case, a poem her best friend wrote for her.