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Monday, November 7, 2016

Favorite Gifts for Preschool / Kindergarten Age Kids

Now that November is here, it's time to start getting ready for the holiday season! One of the tasks I really want to take care of this month is shopping for my daughters. With their birthday falling at the beginning of January, right after Christmas, I need a pretty good list! Today I want to share with you some of the things I am considering for presents this year, along with the top hits from last year, to help give you some inspiration for the 4-6 year olds in your life :)

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Practical but fun

Although these are "practical" gifts, my girls really enjoyed getting them last year and I know will be excited again this year to find some of the same things in their Christmas stockings :)

1. Fun socks (like these, but you can find them almost anywhere)
Socks come in so many fun designs! One of my girls loves knee highs because she can see the design better (she wears them over her pants), and I like them because it keeps them warm AND lets them get away with wearing pants that are too short.
2. Chapstick (like these)
Chapstick is another thing that comes in lots of designs (and flavors), which is a big part of the appeal for preschoolers looking for independence- give them options and they feel empowered!
3. Umbrella (like this one)
Seriously, this was quite possibly the most popular gift I got them last year. These umbrellas are nice because they are designed to be easier for kids to open and close.
4. Gloves (like these)
When they're younger they pretty much have to wear mittens- gloves just aren't worth the time you have to spend getting and keeping them on! But this is a good age to get them their first pair of gloves, and they're perfect for active play.

Arts and crafts

1. Washi tape (like these, but seriously just go to the dollar store and find the cheap stuff)
Washi tape (or colorful masking tape) is great for this age because it comes in lots of fun patterns and colors and it's easy for little hands to manipulate.
2. Pencils (find fun ones like these almost anywhere)
At this age kids are getting better at gripping skinnier writing utensils, and this is a great age to practice handwriting too! My girls think pencils are so "grown up" (unlike markers and crayons).
3. Scissors (like these)
If your kids (4 and up) don't have scissors yet, this is the perfect age! My daughters spend a lot of time practicing cutting at school too- it's a great way to develop fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills.
4. Activity books (like these, but again you can find these almost anywhere)
My girls are starting to get into mazes, word searches, and other simple games that come in coloring and activity books. I love throwing these in my purse when we're going to be waiting somewhere, and the girls like to pull them out while I'm getting dinner ready.


1. Pretend play props
Pretending is a huge part of play at this age! The girls still love this school set they got last year, and this cash register is a great way to learn about money while playing shopping. Costumes are another great idea for pretend play- I love costumes like these that let them pretend to do different jobs.
2. Games
This giant board game has been a family favorite for a couple of years now. and the girls love playing basic card games too now (we have a set of all the basics, like this one, and UNO too). 
3. Building kits (like this one)
Of course legos, magnet blocks, and other basic building sets are awesome gifts too, but I'm excited about getting the girls some building kits that include some more specific things (like bicycles, benches, and people) to help them use their imagination even more.
4. Bicycle (like this one) or Balance bike (like this one)
My parents got the girls some balance bikes (basically bicycles with no pedals so the kids balance on it and push themselves with their feet) and I've been very impressed with how they're learning to balance on the bikes! The time is coming when they'll be ready for regular bicycles soon, so I'm looking at some for their birthday.
5. Books
Now that my girls are just starting to read for themselves, I've been looking for easy readers that are actually easy. I finally came across this blog post and found some great ones! I'm excited for them to have some books that they can read all the way through without any help.

Of course I could go on and on, but these are some of the things I am looking at right now that I know my daughters will love! Are you looking for presents for your preschooler or kindergartner? What are your top picks? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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