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Monday, November 14, 2016

Kids' Hair Accessories Storage Solution

I'm back with one of those simple organization tips that I love, this time for my daughters' hair ties and clips! If you have little girls (or boys) who care about what goes in their hair, you'll know what I mean when I say that those tiny little clips and elastics can create an organizational nightmare in the bathroom. I've had several different storage / organization solutions over the last few years, but this new system has been really helpful for our current stage, now that the girls have more specific opinions about what they want and like to be able to get things out by themselves.

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So there are a few reasons for my need to organize the girls' hair accessories:
1. with two girls in the house, we have quite a few bits and bobs to store,
2. the two of them were getting into arguments over who the pink clip belonged to, and who had left the coveted purple bow at school yesterday etc,
3. at almost 5, they have very specific ideas about what color hair tie or clip they want to wear, and
4. they like to get out their stuff themselves.

When the girls were younger, I kept all of the hair ties in one place and it was great- it saved a lot of time and space and I could quickly get what they wanted for them. I just used a pill box from the dollar store to keep all of the colors separated:

I was finding, though, that the girls had trouble getting those little boxes open and closed without spilling little elastics all over the bathroom. It worked fine when I was using it, but it was not good for little preschooler hands.

Then the Dollar Tree came through yet again when I found these little organizers:

They have tiny little compartments, they come in different colors (so I can get a different one for each child), and the lids are easy to open and close! The clear tops make it easier for the girls to see what they have and find what they need before they open it too! I was even able to separate out the hair ties by individual colors so that they can still pick out exactly what they want.

The organizers fit nicely in our bathroom cabinet, and I put the bigger clips and bows in a ziploc bag for each of them:

*sigh* It makes me so happy to see everything in its place :) We've had this system for a few weeks now and so far the girls have kept everything organized on their own. I'm sure when the girls get older our needs will change again, but for this stage that we're in right now, I am thrilled with these little organizers! If you have littles in the same stage at your home, see if you can find these at your local dollar store or drugstore- they have worked perfectly for us! Here's a link to a similar item on the Dollar Tree website, and here's a similar item on Amazon if you can't find it in stores.

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