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Monday, January 23, 2017

My Top 3 Tips to Help Make Laundry Easier

I know some people despise laundry. I don't hate it, but it's definitely a nuisance, mostly because it's such a time commitment, what with the loading, stain removing, unloading, drying, folding, and put-awaying. Since having my twin daughters my laundry loads have obviously gotten way bigger, and I've developed a few ways to help make laundry a little bit easier and the process a little faster.

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1. Easily accessible supplies

My very first "home/parenting" blog post ever was this tip: stick a pen holder on your washer or dryer to keep stain removers handy! Click on the picture to see that post (remember, it was one of my first posts ever.... it's uh, not fancy):

When I wrote that post, I was in a 2-bedroom apartment with my stackable washer and dryer in a tiny closet next to the kitchen. Although space was definitely tight, it was really nice having everything so close by. Now that I've moved into a house, things are much further away from each other, so having everything I need right there in the laundry room became even more important. One of the biggest downsides of my laundry setup in this house is that there is no sink anywhere in the basement where my washing machine and dryer are, which makes it difficult when I need to work on stains or rinse something out. Enter my latest solution to keep things nearby: a drink dispenser. These slim kinds are cheap and I've seen them at several stores (I picked mine up at Walmart, but this one looks very similar). I love it because it takes up very little storage space but holds a good amount of water. I've had mine for several months and haven't had to refill yet. Pair that with a bowl and voila! No need for a sink!

2. Reusable dryer sheets

I shared these recently in my post on 5 Eco-Friendly Ways for Busy Moms to Save Time and Money- they are great time-savers because I never have to take them in or out of the dryer! I don't even think about them! It's just one less step I have to go through every time I do laundry.

3. Organized closets

This last tip saves me a lot of time in the sorting and putting away after the clothes are cleaned: having our closets organized so that it's easy for me and my daughters to know where to put everything has made it so much easier and faster to put clean clothes away! My favorite thing about our closets is that every type of clothing has its own bin. We can all quickly find our items and throw them in the right bin. Click on each picture below if you want to read my previous posts on how I set up my closet and my daughters' closets. My girls have been putting their own clothes away since before they turned 4, which is awesome for me!

I hope you found at least 1 small way to help make your laundry time a little bit quicker and easier! How much do you love or hate laundry? What are your favorite laundry tips? Let's hear them in the comments! :)

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