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Monday, July 10, 2017

Outdoor Toy Storage

Summer time is all about spending as much time outside as possible! And as my daughters get older, we're beginning to have a collection of outdoor toys: bubbles, sidewalk chalk, balls, bats, bikes.... I was looking for a way to keep everything near the door so we could easily grab what we needed as we head out the door, without clogging up the entryway or getting the house too dirty from the toys that we bring back in.

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My simple solution: a hanging organizer (like this one). I happen to have hooks all over my ceiling from previous owners, but if you don't, these are the ones I have and they work really well. I love this setup because, while it's really close to the door, it doesn't take up any extra floor space (I have it hanging over the bench where we put on our shoes) and it keeps anything dirty off the floor. The spaces for storage are the perfect size for all the different things I want to store, from bicycle helmets and bubble bottles to sandals (we keep some near the door for quick runs outside) and balls.

How do you corral your outdoor toys? I'm guessing the situation is only going to get worse as the girls get older.... Hopefully this system will continue to contain the mess for years to come! ;)

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