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Monday, July 3, 2017

Patio Furniture Alternative: lap trays

My daughters and I love spending time on our back patio in the summer. It's nice and shady and there's space for the girls to play. Last summer we started eating lunch on the patio as well, but we were limited in what we could eat because it was hard for the girls to balance a plate in their lap while sitting in their chair. I didn't want to take up the limited space we have with a big table- there would be no room left to play- but I recently found a simple solution that has worked out perfectly for us!

I found these lap trays at Michael's and Hobby Lobby, so I'm pretty sure they are intended for crafting, but they work perfectly as a table for eating! There is space on the side to tuck in a napkin or drink, and it's the perfect height when we're sitting in the chairs (whether an adult or a child). 

Even more amazing: by some miracle the lip of the tray sits perfectly on the arms of our adirondack chairs! 

This is a small, not-at-all-earth-shattering tip, but it made our outdoor dining a lot more fun for a very small price tag so I wanted to share! Happy summer, everyone :)

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