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Monday, November 17, 2014

Mommy Monday: budget-friendly temporary gallery wall

Gallery walls are a wonderful way to display a collection of photos. I especially love the ones that show family pictures- I think it is a wonderful way to celebrate family. I think it is especially great for children to see pictures of themselves and their family members prominently displayed. It gives a sense of the centrality of those people to their every-day lives.

My problem: I'm a renter. While I normally am a huge fan of command strips as an alternative to nail holes, a gallery wall would take a WHOLE LOT of command strips! So for my small gallery wall I turned to my other go-to: washi tape.

There are so many advantages to sticking your photos directly on the wall with washi tape for a gallery wall effect:

  1. Cheap. You can buy a good roll of washi tape for under $2. I've been using the same 3 rolls of washi tape for a couple of years, on a myriad of projects, and I'm not even close to running out.
  2. Stylish. Because you can mix and match different patterns and colors of washi tape, you can instantly get that eclectic/stylish feel with no effort!
  3. Adjustable. You can peel and stick washi tape many times without losing stickiness (I don't know why. it's the magic of washi.), so if you're not sure what arrangement you will like, just try it and then move things around.
  4. Fast. Just think of how much faster it is to tape a picture to the wall than to put it in the frame and then mount the frame!
  5. Safe. No worries about a kid knocking a frame off the wall!
I recently re-did our gallery wall to include more pictures of extended family. Before I had more pictures of the girls as infants, mostly because I can't get enough of them, but now that the girls can remember their great-grandparents from a visit a month ago it's nice to have those photos to help them remember their relatives and reinforce their importance in our lives.

Have you tried hanging photos with washi tape yet? If you haven't, go do it! Now! ;)


  1. Oh my, I LOVE your ideas! I'm in the same situation as you, in that I need to avoid nail holes as much as possible. I've been contemplating a gallery wall in my office for a long time, but didn't want to go through the trouble only to decide that I wanted to move something later. Washi tape is the perfect solution. Plus, I've been itching to use some that I bought recently, but wasn't sure what to do with it. Thanks for a another great post!

  2. You rock the tape. Love the patterns!