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Monday, June 27, 2016

DIY gratitude wall

I've mentioned a few times that I promised myself a beautiful, clean bedroom when I moved into our new house- doesn't it seem like our own bedrooms get the least attention when we're cleaning / organizing / decorating our houses? So I'm very happy with the latest update in my bedroom: I'm calling it my Gratitude Wall.

This is one of those projects that ended up killing two birds with one stone. I decided I wanted a place to display some of the cards and little pictures that my daughters and other friends and family have given me- I never wanted to throw them away but I didn't have a good place to put them (and I didn't want to just put them away in storage somewhere). I had also picked up some things from Michael's when I've had good coupons or seen things on sale that coordinated well with my bedspread and I knew I wanted to include them in my room decor somehow, but hadn't figured out how yet. Everything ended up coming together perfectly with some supplies I had on hand and it's my new favorite spot in the house!

I started off with some twine, clothespins, and pushpins, which I had left over from a baby shower I hosted recently (you can easily find this stuff at most dollar stores, craft stores, etc):

I basically created two clotheslines on the wall to hang cards and pictures from. One tip if you decide to try this in your own home: I tied a knot in the twine before each pushpin, and I think that will help keep the twine from unraveling or sagging. Then I picked out some of my most cherished items from over the years and figured out where I wanted to hang them:

I initially stopped there, but decided I needed more color (obviously. why would I not add more color?) and pulled out the same roll of washi tape I had used to decorate my light switch (click on the picture to read my post on that):

I also pulled out the other items I had picked up on sale to go in my room (some paper flowers and a set of paper lanterns) and just started adding stuff :)

The washi tape I just stuck straight onto the front of the clothespins:

I layered some of the paper flowers on top of each other and stuck them to the push pins with some left over foam mounting squares that came with something I bought years ago (you know when they give you mounting tape and screws so you can attach things to the wall either way? yeah that stuff). The mounting squares actually give the flowers extra dimension and they ended up being one of my favorite parts. I'm already thinking of other places I can add more flowers.... ;)

The small little tassels that I hung under some of the push pins came with the set of paper lanterns. I used more left over ribbon from the baby shower decorations to hang the lanterns from the ceiling with push pins, and voila!

I feel like the pictures don't do my happy little corner justice, but hopefully you can tell from my writing just how much I love it! I'm sure I'll continue to tweak it, but I'm glad to have this space that makes me so happy in my room.

I love this idea of having a place to hang up things that remind me of all the people I have to be grateful for. It's perfect because I can easily change out what I have hanging, add more, or take things down without any fuss. And art that also serves another purpose is my favorite way to decorate!

What do you do with the little trinkets and cards that you get from loved ones? Maybe a gratitude wall is in your future? :) If you decide to make one, I'd love to see it!

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