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Monday, March 28, 2016

DIY switch plate washi decoration

I'm back with another use for washi tape, and this one is so quick and easy but still adds a great touch to any room's decor: decorating light switches!

I cannot take any credit whatsoever for this idea. I saw this pin years ago- I actually think it was one of my my very first pins ever- and thought it looked so simple but so pretty! Aaaand then I never did it. Now that I am in my new house and trying to commit to making my own bedroom look nice (instead of letting it turn into a dump like my last apartment), I was reminded of the project.

This seriously took less than 5 minutes, guys. All you have to do is use a screwdriver to unscrew the plate from the wall, then tape strips of tape all along the front, letting a little bit go back into the inside so you get nice neat edges. You can go horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal. And you can get the same effect with 2-3 different kinds of tape- you don't need to use tons of patterns like I did. I happened to fall in love with this set of washi, and since they were already created to be together it was easy to use them all together for this project.

Once you have all of the tape on, you just need to cut out the holes for the light switch and screws. An exacto knife will work wonderfully, but I honestly just used the tip of a ballpoint pen to poke through the tape and it worked just fine. If the edges aren't perfect you can wrap the tape around the inside again. Screw it back onto the wall and you're done. Isn't it lovely?

Washi tape really is a busy / lazy / cheap decorator's best friend. If you want to see all of the ways I've used washi in my home, planner, classroom, and more, check out these posts. One of my favorites is the washi tape gallery wall in my last apartment- I'm working on recreating it in my new house (more on that another time!). And if you try this project in your own home let me know- I'd love to see yours as well! This would even be cute in a classroom- I have some music note washi tape that would be perfect in my music room!

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